IMCA-Air Diving Systems - Thai Hoa Diving

Year of Manufacture:
2008 to IMCA rules

Main System Components:

  • 1x Containerized DCC 1500 with Dive Control
  • 1x Subsea Tools, Spares and Maintenance Container
  • LARS System c/w Driver Deployment Cages

Air Dive System comes complete with

  • Containerized and Air Conditioned DCC
  • 3 x Separate Diver Control Panels
  • LARS System c/w Diver Cage and Basket
  • Fully Air-Conditioned Equipment Maintenance,
  • Tools and Spares container
  • SRP Diver Package comes with Air dive system


Key features for Dive Systems


Year of Manufacture

2008 to IMCA Rules

DIVING DECOMPRESSION CHAMBER (Container 1 – 20ft ) Air Conditioned

Containerized DCC1500

Depth Monitoring System
Gas Control panel
Two way primary communications system
Headset and Boom Mic c/w push to talk facility
Oxygen Monitoring System
BIBS System
Safety Control Systems
Lighting – 3 x Hyperbaric lights
Scot Pressure Vak II BIBS
Therapeutic Gauge on Main Lock
Digital Stop Watch on Chamber panel
Carbon Dioxide Scrubber
Main DCC Dimensions – 3.7m (L) x 1.5m (Dia) w 700mm entry

DIVING CONTROL (Container 1 – 20ft ) Air Conditioned

Containerized 3 x Diver Control Panel

Three Independent Diver Surface Mounted Panels (Stainless)
3 x LP Supply Inlets (one per diver)
3 x HP Go Regulators
Emergency Crossover Valve System
Diver Gas Outlet Ports – 6 JIC, Pneumo – 4 JIC
Safety Valves on Air Supply & Pneumo


Complete LARS System

Dive Systems have single LARS
Diver Deployment Cages: twin size diver cage – Double Basket

TOOLS, SPARES & MACHINERY (Container 2 – 20ft ) Air Conditioned

Hydraulic Tools & Machinery Container

SRP Dive Unit
Hydraulic Power Pack c/w high pressure hose to run subsea diver tools
Hydraulic Impact Wrench (120-140 Bar)
Spare Helmets
Seal Kits
Oxygen Monitors